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switching it up... [22 Feb 2007|05:05pm]
hey folks sorry for the lack of update around here. I've decided to move over to blogger since the format is a lot easier for me to use. Anyways here's the new link: Thanks again, and hope to see you folks around there!
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belated holloween greetings [03 Nov 2006|01:55am]
Vote for me and I'll make your wildest dreams come true. :D

oh and here's some art. These were done on the back of my 2006 sketchbook
for a couple of friends from France.
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Syracuse Heroes Expo [18 Oct 2006|06:24pm]
I'll be attending the Syracuse Heroes Expo this weekend on October 22nd. It's shaping up to be a good show and I'm looking forward to checking it out. I made this print specifically for the show, and it's pretty much my first attempt at coloring. It took waaaaaay too long after going through several trials and errors. As frustrating as it was, I still had fun. I actually enjoyed setting up the letters and all that stuff. Hopefully I'll have more time to learn how to color because doing a piece from start to finish was actually quite satisfying.
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Batman and Robin [26 Sep 2006|08:48pm]
Just a quick update... This was done for my friend and art dealer Shawn Bryan. The scan of the washes came out kinda dark, and my tweaking on photoshop didn't really help. Thats, it for now. Oh, one last note, Jason Rubin creator of Iron and the Maiden (my current project) was recently interviewed over at Newsarama, drop in and have a look.
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Dreadnoks [15 Sep 2006|05:02pm]
This was a recent cover I did for a 3 issue Drednoks mini for Devils Due. This is probably the first cover that I've inked and shaded. The guys from Devils Due were cool enough to let me try something new. Anyways here's how the process went:

the layout. pretty standard layout I sent to the editors before I would start the cover. Since it's the first issue it was important to feature the main character and more or less go for a more traditional composition.

After, the layout I then drew it on an 11x17 comic art board. Lately I've actually been blowing up these layouts and lightboxing them onto the art board. However when I was working on this cover I was actually in San Diego for the con so I ended up just working on the board straigt on. I used a staedler tech pencil with an HB lead.

Since I was on the road I wasn't able to bring any of my brush and inking tools, so I went super efficient with this and inked it with a brush and 's' marker (Faber-Castell). The tones were done with Koh-I-Noor woodless graphite pencils. I'm pretty happy with how the figures turned out, also since I was drawing on a drawing pad when I was shading Zartan's leg armor it started making these textures on them which turned out quite nicely. I'm not too fond of how the skull shadow turned out on the water though. And thats pretty much it.</a
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Quick Update.. [12 Sep 2006|06:31am]
Hey folks, been super busy catching up on work. The con season just wreaks havoc on the schedule. Anyways I was at the Toronto Comic Expo last weekend and here's a couple of commissions I worked on while I was there. Thanks again to everyone who stopped by my table to say hi.
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G.I. Joe covers declasified [22 Aug 2006|10:26pm]
This was for the first 3 issues of G.I.Joe: Declassified. Normally they would give me the scenario and I would come up with a few layout ideas. However since it was going to be a triptyc connecting the first 3 issues covers, they were very specific with the characters they wanted, so Devils Due provided me with a rough layout to work with.

I then fleshed it out and sent them this idea. I pretty much kept it true to the original since they went the extra mile to send me a specific idea:

And finally the finished pencils. I actually drew them all at least a month apart which was kind of weird. Since my schedule was very tight I was only able to complete the covers one at a time. It was kinda strange picking up the first cover to draw the next cover over a month later, specially with the nature of the format. I think it turned out ok.
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Devils Due [17 Aug 2006|09:52pm]
I'm slowly resizing all my pictures from the last couple of months. And rather than start with SDCC I'm working my way backwards. After the Chicago Con, Josh and Susan were kind enough to allow myslef, Agnes, Shawn, and Kalman to drop by their office. I had an awesome time checking out the place, anyways on to the pics :

Yo Joe! (sorry I couldn't help it)

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Supergirl and Wonderwoman. [17 Aug 2006|05:57am]
Here's another commission from Wizard World Chicago. Much thanks goes out to Chris Klamer for sending me a scan of this piece. I bought these Faeber Castle brush pens in black and different gray tones so I was playing around with those. These were done over water color paper. I thought it added some nice textures to the finished pieces.
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SDCC/ Chicago Con update. [12 Aug 2006|05:27am]
Here are some of the comission's I worked on during these past cons. I tweaked Colussus' eyes in photoshop cause I kinda drew it crooked...

Also here are a few snapshots from this past month.
I'll have a better recap and more photos of the cons when I get more settled in and not so lacking in sleep.

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IRON AND THE MAIDEN [16 Jul 2006|06:00pm]
I'm really excited about this project and the creative team on this book is insane. Also working with the creator Jason Rubin has been crazy, the man is a perfectionist. Here is his first "official" word on the project:

Iron and the Maiden is getting Closer!

The first media that Iron will appear in is Comics. A four issue mini series is currently being pencilled and colored.

I've put together some of the top names in the comic realm including pencils by Francis Manapul and Joel Gomez, Colors by Danimation, Lettering by Comicraft, and design by Joe Maduriera, Jeff Matsuda, Chris Lichtner, and Blur. Jeff Matsuda has completed an alternate cover, and I have 3 more big names lined up to do alternates to the Manapul/Gomez covers. It's going to be off the hook.

Check back for more updates as they become available. I plan to launch the official website soon.

Thanks for being patient...


you can check out a teaser site here
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Catwoman [04 Jul 2006|03:23am]
Just wanted to drop a quick update...
this particular sketch is also being auctioned
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Airport Doodles.. [13 Jun 2006|09:05pm]
Sorry for the lack of updates around here, I'm knee deep in work. These sketches were drawn on my way to L.A a month or so back. It's a great learning experience, and every time I draw from life I always learn something new. Whether it's how people stand and distribute their weight or what kinda fashion kids are wearing these days. Life's the better than any reference book you can get.

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Big Red [01 Jun 2006|03:46am]
I'm really excited about the movie coming out this month so here's another doodle of Superman.
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Spiderman, Hulk [31 May 2006|02:28pm]
Just thought I'd balance things out with some sketches from the marvel universe. These are from a couple of years ago when I went to France for a signing tour. It was an exhausting 2 weeks, but one of the most amazing trips I've gone on.
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Superman Batman [31 May 2006|12:33am]
My friend/art dealer Shawn has been waiting for this piece for quite a few months. Hopefully it was worth the wait. I'm looking forward to working on these characters one day, they're just too much fun!
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E3 [30 May 2006|02:50am]
I recently got a chance to attend E3 with fellow artist Joel Gomez, courtesy of Mr. Jason Rubin. Big thanks goes out to him for hooking us up with a pass! The show was awesome, the booths were massive, the amount of money the companies put into them must have been sick. It was great to be able to go to a show and just walk around all day and enjoy the event. After years of going to comic conventions I don't I've done that once. But I digress. I came into the show thinking that PS3 would blow me away, I'd been holding out on the 360 thinking PS3 is the one. But the games for the 360 just appeals to me more. From Fight Night 3, Dead Rising, Lord of the Rings 2 Battle for Middle Earth, to Call of Duty. When I bought the Original Xbox I thought "hey this is a much more powerful machine than a ps2", however the games that were released were slim pickings. Now it's kinda reversed PS3 comes with a 60 gig hard drive which just blows away 360's 20 gig, but so far the game line up for 360 has been really impressive. Also Gears of War looks too bad ass to pass up. Anyways on to the pictures.

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Back from L.A [26 May 2006|02:17am]
Hey folks sorry for the lack of updates been extremely busy during my trip down to sunny California. I also went to E3 and had a blast! I'll post a few pictures from my trip soon. For now here are some MORE images of Death yet again....
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Black Cat [12 May 2006|01:26am]
Hey folks sorry for my lack of updates this week. I'm currently in L.A and my online capabilities are a bit limited. Hopefully these couple of images will keep this place interesting. cheers!
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Life Drawing 2 [06 May 2006|07:49pm]
here's some more life drawing. This particular model was pretty good. He was doing some challenging poses which really showed how the different muscles in the body stretched and contracted. This is a great learning experience to have drawing superheroes and what not. Anyways thats all for now, have a great weekend folks!

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